Stephen Ostrow

Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Stephen Ostrow grew up in Miami and lived there for much of his adult life. He attended college at the University of Pennsylvania for four years, and inevitably returned home to Florida after graduation. He also spent parts of his career in both Central and North Florida, gaining valuable experience with judicial circuits throughout the state.

Stephen obtained a degree in International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania and went to law school in Tallahassee. at Florida State University College of Law. During that time, he spent a semester studying in a law school program at Oxford University in England. During law school, Stephen won three book awards, served as his class representative on the Student Bar Association, and graduated Cum Laude.

Following law school, Stephen clerked for U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King in Miami. After his clerkship, Stephen joined his father, John Ostrow, in practice. Their two-lawyer firm handled both Federal and State litigation, concentrating on medical malpractice, personal injury, and intellectual property litigation. The firm handled multiple cases resulting in seven-figure verdicts and settlements. While most of their large results came in malpractice and personal injury cases, Stephen also obtained a verdict in Federal Court for over $12 million in a copyright case against a developer.

After years of practice with his father, Stephen was hired to set up and manage a medical malpractice department for a high volume personal injury firm in Orlando. He spent a couple of years creating a practice, training lawyers and staff while handling malpractice cases throughout South and Central Florida. Due to his trial experience, Stephen was also occasionally tasked to handle a personal injury trial. After a couple of years in Orlando, Stephen received an offer to join the Gary Williams firm. Stephen was ecstatic to fulfill his life-long ambition to join a prestigious litigation practice and to move his family home to South Florida. He currently handles medical malpractice cases, as well as some civil rights and personal injury cases. He lives in Jensen Beach with his wife Olivia, a chef from Paris, and their two children. He loves to travel, enjoys good food, going to movies or watching Netflix at home, The Miami Heat, playing with his two dogs, the beach, and the law.


  • Everything was handled so well and felt so easy, although I know it’s not an easy process. From the very beginning Ricky gave me everything I needed with regards to insurance information and getting help from a chiropractor. Ricky made it a point to check in on me periodically and keep me posted on the progress of the case. I was very happy with the resolution. When anyone asks me if I know a lawyer I give them Ricky’s name. Thank you so much!

    Cassandra N.
  • I heard about Ricky through a friend. When I first got his number, I called right away and he was very helpful the whole time. If I had to give him a rating from 1 to 100, I would give him 100! Rick was very respectful, someone that is easy to talk to and relate to. I didn’t have to call, he always kept me informed and everything was right on. I highly recommend him. I feel grateful.

    Temecia O.
  • I was referred to Ricky Armand through a mutual acquaintance. I was overly happy with the resolution. Ricky was always easy to reach and he answered all my questions. As far as the case, I feel it was handled very well. I would definitely refer him to someone else, it was high quality work. I can’t think of anything that could have been improved upon. Ricky and everyone at the firm treated me top rate right from the start.

    Ralph B.
  • I chose the firm, and to work with Ricky in particular because I wanted someone with integrity, character and good standing in the community. I wanted to know that I could trust them and believe that they had my best interest at hand.  They performed above my expectations in all areas.  I felt that their consultations with me went beyond being a client and more like a family member.  The communication was frequent, and it was clear to me that they cared about justice and helping me during this very difficult circumstance.  I highly recommend Ricky, he did everything possible for my case, and I was very happy with the resolution.

    Cameron T.
  • Ricky Armand represented me. From the very beginning Ricky showed he was very professional, asking me all of the questions about the case to get a very clear picture. He helped me understand my options and kept me informed all the time. He would call or text me whenever there was an update, and if he was busy when I called, he would get back to me right away. I was very happy with the resolution and how Ricky handled everything from dealing with the insurance company to the results he was able to negotiate. I would highly recommend Ricky to anyone else that needs legal representation.

    Michael B.
  • Nick Voglio was great. He was wonderful. He got to the point and got the job done.

  • Nick Voglio was quite wonderful. Every time I spoke with him he made sure I understood what was going on with my case. He was very pleasant.

    Veronica O.
  • Ricky's enthusiasm, passion, and level professionalism were second to none. What I love about the entire office is that it exudes a level of Excellence that I have not experienced before. I highly recommend Ricky and the firm to anyone, and 100% valid in my experience, more than words can express. Sometimes you don't see all the hard work behind the scenes and only see the end result, but Ricky shared with me case law and everything he had to file to get the results he did. He went above and beyond and provided full disclosure, I truly got everything I could ask for from my attorney and believe that to get the settlement he did, Ricky managed to squeeze lemonade out of a rotten apple. I hope I don't need any other attorney, but if I do, I will call Ricky and refer him, which is a big deal for me because I take referrals very seriously since my name is also on it.

    Emmanual B.
  • At a point when perhaps the most significant event in my life happened (a life altering crash that left me permanently injured and completely vulnerable), I could not have been in better hands personally, emotionally, mentally and legally than with the help of Nick Voglio and the team at Willie Gary Law. When you are literally on your back with no idea what happened and what is going to happen next in your life and have tremendous anxiety and concerns about your current and future injuries, overall health, mental state, legal position and financial life, there is no better team to depend on.

    Jeff S.
  • Nicholas J. Voglio was so very helpful to my daughter and I. Mr. Voglio not only showed compassion but I believe he truly cared about our feelings and outcome of our case. I also know that the staff, especially Samantha made us feel like family and that is so important.

    Patricia S.

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